35PM IMF DPP Application SMPTE Technical Specification

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last updated: 2018-09-29
contact: Chris Johns



To define a SMPTE Technical Specification (TSP) that constrains an IMF Application for use for Broadcast and Online mastering and exchange as required by the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) membership.

Progress Report

SMPTE TSP 2121-1:2018 plus ER 2121-2:2018 and ER 2121-3:2018 are now published. Public GIT open for comment until 2019-02-15

Project Type

SMPTE Engineering Project (ANSI)

Project Overview

Problem to be solved::   To satisfy the DPP Requirements Project Group’s Report with a SMPTE Technical Specification (TSP) that details IMF Application Constraints which are as close as possible to the Image Characteristics, Track File and Composition constraints specified in SMPTE RDD 45 and meet as many of the Requirements as possible.
Project scope::   To deliver a SMPTE Technical Specification to constrain an Application of SMPTE ST 2067 - the Interoperable Master Format, which meets as many of the DPP Requirements as possible. The SMPTE Technical Specification should be based closely on RDD 45 using additional ST2067 documents as required and where necessary reference other published documents.
Specific tasks::   Draft SMPTE Technical Specification within the Scope of this Project Review draft TBR document with the Requirements Group and address comments Review SMPTE Technical Specification for completeness within the group. Prepare the SMPTE Technical Specification document for review by the drafting group, the Requirements group and the public. Address and where appropriate resolve the comments received. Prepare and review final documents with SMPTE HQ.
Form of output::   Other
Patent Declaration Received? (To be completed prior to FCD):   No


Start: 2018-06-01 | Completed: 2018-09-29