32NF Extensible Time Label (TLX)

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last updated: 2020-09-17
contact: William Redmann



Create a basic Time Label with a defined mechanism for registration of additional fields

Progress Report

Requirements have been collected and collated. Three documents are in progress: Part 1 specifies the TLX Structure, supporting extensibility by addition of items; Part 2 specifies an initial set of TLX Items; Part 3 defines use-case suitable profiles.

Project Type

SMPTE Engineering Project (ANSI)

Project Overview

Problem to be solved::   The industry needs a time label based on current technology, that avoids the restrictions of 12M, and provides adequate information to support the wide range of user requirements listed by the Time Label Workshops. Note that support for many user requirements may require development of applications specific to the requirements. The purpose of this Project is to create a Time Label with sufficient information (at adequate precision) to support such applications. This label should also meet the requirements of the “Digital Birth Certificate” identified by the Hollywood post community, defined as a label that includes a Time Value, a Source ID, and a Counter.
Project scope::   Develop a time label to carry a time value, together with appropriate identification and supplemental information, and with a mechanism to permit definition and register ancillary data fields as may be required
Specific tasks::   1) Define a basic Time Label, to include … A PTP time value Qualification information for the PTP clock Local time offset(s) One or more counters Source ID (may include an organization identifier, such as a UMID Organization Code, and a specific source ID … perhaps preset to MAC address, but user definable). Structure and registration mechanism for adding new data fields 2) Propose new Project(s) as necessary to define one or more transport protocols for the label
Form of output::   Standard
Patent Declaration Received? (To be completed prior to FCD):   No


Start: 2017-12-07 | Complete: 2020-10-31 (est.)