35PM ST 2067-50 IMF Application #5 (ACES)

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last updated: 2018-07-03
contact: Wolfgang Ruppel



This project is about developing an IMF application specifying uncompressed ACES images (as specified in ST 2065-4) as picture essence. The application's primary target use case is long-term archiving of ACES-encoded final master files.
The project references SMPTE ST 2065-5 as developed by 31FS

Progress Report

Document published.

Project Type

SMPTE Engineering Project (ANSI)

Project Overview

Problem to be solved::   ACES is an increasingly accepted digital image interchange and color management framework supporting WCG and HDR content creation and archiving. The ACES archiving use case requires data structures for aligning sound fields and timed text with sequences of ACES-encoded images (as specified in SMPTE ST 2065-4). The IMF framework, as specified in SMPTE ST 2067-2, is an ideal candidate for solving this problem.
Project scope::   Specify an application of the IMF framework that uses image essence conforming to SMPTE ST 2065-4, and audio and subtitle essence as specified in SMPTE ST 2067-2.
Specific tasks::   Draft an engineering document for consideration by the parent group.
Form of output::   Standard
Patent Declaration Received? (To be completed prior to FCD):   No


Start: 2016-10-03 | Completed: 2018-03-20